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High Lords of the Realm

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Voivode and Hospodar


Voivode Darcy Green
Hospodar Joshua Wright

The voivode is the Martial Lord of Viadrina, who role is to ensure the armies of Viadrina remain trained and ready for war.

The hospodar is the non-martial lord of Viadrina, the upkeep of daily life. To ensure the citizens of Viadrina live long, healthy lives.

Lords in Waiting

Second in comand

Dvoryanin Lydia HalfDragon
Dvorianka Lumyn Vale


Minor Nobility



Household leaders

Lydia HalfDragon of Dragon's Vigil
Joshua Ylfing of Clan Ylfing
Kyle Blackfang of the Hall of Blackfang

Viadrina has multiple house holds that are run by leaders called Huskarls. 

It is their duty to help run and lead citizens of Viadrina as well as aid in what their Lords require.  

To learn more about our house holds you can view them on the "House Holds" page. 

Queen Consort

Corey Ylfing

In history, a husband or wife to a nations ruler was often given the title "Queen Consort' or "Prince Consort". This was to avoid naming them an official king or queen to maintain a families line of succession.

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