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Officers help handle all the day-to-day business of running Viadrina. Each officer is responsible for different functions. Officers are chosen by the lords. Any citizen may volunteer for a vacant position. No time limit is placed on officer positions. The citizen may stay in this title until they step down, leave the chapter, or are removed by a Lord.


Lumyn Vale


The steward assists the Hospodar in his Non-Martial duties. Will act in the Hospodar's stead, and will take command if the Hospodar steps down suddenly. Also known as our Lord or Lady in Waiting.




Also known as Treasurer. Manages the book, money in and out. Helps the Lords in secretarial duties. Helps the Lords manage manpower. Is a tiebreaker in the event the Lords do not come to a consensus on chapter decisions.




Assists Viadrina in handling social media and any other publications or newsletters made. Ensures minutes are taken during meetings. Ensures photography and other media is taken and recorded during events, practices, meetings, and other Viadrina events.


Lydia HalfDragon


The Marshal assists the Voivode in his Martial duties. Will act in the Voivode's stead. Will take command if the Voivode steps down suddenly. Also known as our Lord or Lady in Waiting.




The minister of Viadrina is responsible for fostering the study accurate history of arts, science, culture, performances, and artifacts. Coordinating efforts to include arts, science, culture, music, performances in our events and practices.


Household Leaders

Will assist the Voicode and Hospodar when needed. Advise the Lords of issues in Viadrina. Vote on changes to policies or direction of the Chapter. Assist in or run events for the branch.

Officers are there to advise the Lords of Viadrina as needed. Help as required. The represent Viadrina and should act accordingly. The officers are there to pursue their goal within the chapter

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