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About Us

Medieval Arts in a Modern Era

What is Viadrina?

Viadrina is a non-profit, volunteer based organization. a part of the Historical Medieval Society (HMS). Based out of the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada. Our chapter is dedicated to community in medieval arts, recreation, and combat.
Members of our community take part in combat, archery, dancing, cooking, metalwork, drumming, costuming, and so much more.


Rattan Combat

The pursuit of excellence in combat arts was central to virtually every ancient culture as its future often depended on its warriors. Throughout the history of armored combat, non - lethal war games have been considered an essential element of training those warriors. HMS is no different and endeavors to foster those traditions and skills in the relative safety of a Behordium like tradition. HMS provides a loosely structured environment for its adherents to expand their knowledge and skills at “combat”

Arts and Sciences

If fighting isn't your thing we offer the opportunity to recreate the many arts and sciences of the medieval period. Including dancing, drumming, history and crafting classes, craft groups, and much more.

Our Arts and Sciences are ever expanding, if you have any experience or wish to see something recreated in the modern era please contact us!

Community and Diversity

We are a family of all kinds! 

We look after each other inside the society and out. We are a close group who call each other family. 

We have a commitment to foster and fair and inclusive community that forms an organization in which we can all participate, prosper, and benefit.

We are a LGBTQ+ friendly organization.

Other Activities

Provided opportunities are always improving, we also offer a mix of
Thrown Weapons, Archery, Period camping and cooking, medieval games, and much much more!

Getting Ready

Getting Ready for your First Event
Below is a list of what you'll need to bring and what you will need to expect at an event

Newcomer's Guide to Viadrina
A handbook to new members and future members of Viadrina

Our Medieval Society

How are we organized?
HMS is divided into Kingdoms, each kingdom is ruled by a King and Queen. Kingdoms make up the real world broken up into chunks of our fantasy universe. Each kingdom is broken up to represent a feudal society. Meaning each kingdom is then broken up into chapters. These chapters have levels based on their population sizes. Viadrina is one of these chapters.

Fighting in HMS
Armored combat in HMS is made to represent the non-lethal war games that have been practiced for now thousands of years to keep "soldiers" in good practice outside of real combat. Since we want nobody to get hurt we wear real armor that while intended to be historically accurate have some modern touches to make sure everybody stays safe. The weapons we use are made out of specific materials such as Rattan. A bamboo like material that has a solid core that is springy to absorb force and is not able to shatter like more ridgid materials. Or steel weapons made to very specific regulations.

Persona Names
As it is our own created world we attempt to keep everything to the "feel" of a medieval society. That includes creating a "persona" to go by. These personas are often taken from a specific location and time period including the individuals name, costume, heraldry, and other aspects of a created character.
Most commonly this comes to play with a persona name, most citizens take on a new name to use at events that sounds more "historical"

Similar to medieval period an individuals titles and rank are more important in our society. The leader of the kingdom takes on the title King/Queen or a historical equivalent. Leaders of chapters take on the title Lord. Household leader's take on the title Hersirs. Viadrina also has officer positions that maintain rank and title, such as our master of combat is titled Marshal. Some awards grant you their own title within the society. This is to recognize individuals for their hard work, give them something to strive towards, and take on a little more of history.

How can I get involved?

We welcome any and all individuals. You can join us at any event or meeting. Jump in and say hi. The easiest way to get involved is to join a local practice.
Check out or events and calendar page for information on practices or our next event

Not local to our chapter in BC, no worries. You can find your local branch by checking out the HMS wesbite. Or by contacting our chapters Hospodar.

A "Hospodar" is a title given to the citizen who there is help run the societal parts of our chapter. A big part of their job is to help new members find their way in Viadrina and by extension HMS. They can provide loaner costumes, armor, and anything else you would need to begin participation.

You can contact our Hospodar at

Welcome to Viadrina!

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