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Clan Ylfing

Huskarl Joshua Ylfing
About: Ylfing, clan of wolves. The origins of the Viking clan Ylfing trace back to the early days of Norse history. The Ylfings were renowned for their fierce warrior spirit and their unwavering loyalty to their clan. Legend has it that the first Ylfing, named Wulfrik, was a powerful chieftain who possessed the blood of ancient Norse gods running through his veins. He established the Ylfing clan, naming it after the mythical wolf that had become a symbol of strength and cunning in Norse mythology. Over generations, the Ylfings flourished and expanded their influence across the lands, becoming fearsome seafarers and raiders. Joshua Ylfing, a descendent of the original line, emerged as a remarkable leader, renowned for his tactical brilliance and relentless determination. Under his guidance, and the strong arm of his brother Darcy Ylfing, the Ylfings embarked on legendary expeditions, leaving an indelible mark on Viking history and solidifying their status as one of the most respected and feared clans of the era.

Now the ruling clan of Viadrina they look to rally their banners to their former glory to expand their borders.

For Viadrina.

Dragons Vigil

Huskarl: Lydia HalfDragon and Lumyn Vale 

About: The former lords of Viadrina. Now Lord and Lady in waiting. Dragons Vigil is a group of fighters who have sworn oaths to protect those who have none, to seek out the lost souls who are of a like-mindedness, and to expand our knowledge in all things martial. We are so named because of the oath we have taken to protect those around us with a ferocity only known to the great beasts. Located in the Northern Urals at the base of Mount Narodnaya, our citadel protects the people of Pechora. All who seek to join the Vigil, or those who are already members, are free to learn and grow from what we ourselves have learned and from those we align ourselves with. Dragons Vigil is a household within Viadrina, we have given our allegiance to the Lord and Lady, and the great Earth Mother. We will join with Viadrina to defend its people and those in need around us.

Blackfang 3.jpg

Hall of Blackfang

Huskarl: Kyle Blackfang
Second: Brekka Blackfang
About: We are a Scandinavian viking period styled house. With this we understand that war happens, but is not a daily occurrence. Everyone must foster a skill or craft, and be ready to battle. We centralize to the Danish isles and southern tip of Norway. Our hall does not show prejudice, and welcomes foreigners who offer skills needed to grow and support our Lord. Our house is to embody the ideals of intellect, creation, and domination. Study, and education are the backbone of our beliefs whether studying philosophy, craftsmanship, or war. A warrior without knowledge does not know what he fights for, and a scholar who does not fight becomes a coward. Our members will strive to be ready to support our Lord and Lady, as well as the Crown in war and the arts

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