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Viadrina's Constitution

The name of the organisation shall be “Viadrina”



Viadrina is part of the Historical Medieval Society. Based out of the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada


Viadrina is located in the Northlands (Canada) on the border to the Lands in the South (U.S.A.) We hold the North side of a key border crossing (Abbotsford/Sumas border crossing) and protect the trade routes, keeping them safe for travellers and merchants alike. For the purpose of recreation, we are situated on "The Amber Road" that connects the Far North (Norway) to Italy (Rome) where it meets "The Silk Road" and travels onward to the Far East. We are located on the bank of the Viadua River, where our Fortress creates a "safe-haven" for travellers from all reaches of the realm who seek riches and glory in foreign lands.


Our chapter focuses on the recreation of medieval culture and combat. We recreate mostly 900-1100 Norse/Slavic/Scandi personas and time periods. Our chapter also welcomes all other time periods and cultures.   We embrace the tenants of feudalism, where the Lords/Ladies of the branch hold this land, having complete authority over it as well as complete responsibility for it. The focus of our chapter is to have  a safe place for many to come and find their passion for medieval combat and arts.  



The heraldry for the branch shall be, "Vert, a tree blasted and eradicated Argent, a base engrailed Azure." (A white tree on a green background over "water") In our recreation culture "The World Tree '' reaches from "The Realm of the Gods' ' to "The Underworld' ' below encompassing all the earth and its cultures. The "Forest" (green field) shows our location on the "River" (blue base) , both of which are integral to the survival of the Outpost. Our motto is "Stipes non fortior radices" or "A branch is not stronger than it's roots" and proclaims the importance of community to the well-being and prosperity of the chapter as a whole.





• Voivode (WarLord)

• is the Martial Lord of Viadrina

• may also use an alternative title that means the same thing in their persona/culture

• is of equal rank to the Hospodar

• Is in of  Martial Combat, Making sure the Fighters are Trained and Armoured Properly

• Hospodar (Lord)

• is the Non-Martial Lord of Viadrina

• may also use an alternative title that means the same thing in their persona/culture

• is of equal rank to the Voivode

• Is in charge of the Non-Marital side, the Art & Sciences and Daily Life


• The Lords are responsible for the daily management of Viadrina.

• The Lords will make every effort to attend all meetings that require their presence. If they are not able to attend they will have members represent them.

• All votes at the meetings are at the discretion of the Lords.

  • New Lords are chosen by previous Lords.

  • If other citizens challenge to be Lord, a populace vote will be done to determine new leadership. 

  • The duration of the Lords reign is unlimited until they choose to step down or are removed.



  • Are chosen by the Lords.

  • Citizens may volunteer for vacant Officer positions.

  • No time limit on officer positions. The citizen may stay in this title until they step down, leave the chapter or are removed by a Lord.  


Treasurer / Chamberlain

• Manages the Book, Money in and out

• Helps the Lords in Secretarial Duties

• Helps the Lords Manage Manpower

• is a tiebreaker in the event the Lords do not come to a consensus on chapter decisions



• Assists the Voivode in his Martial Duties

• Will Act in Voivode stead

• Will Take command when Voivode Steps down.



• Assists the Hospodar in his Non-Marital Duties

• Will Act in Hospodar stead

• Will Take command when Hospodar Steps down.


• Assists the Hospodar in arts and science

• Cultivate performances and culture

• Helps verify authenticity of our teachings


• Assists the Hospodar in handling publications and media

•Ensures minutes are taken during meetings

• Ensures photography and other recordings are taken at all Viadrina faculties


• Will assist the Voivode and Hospodar when needed


• The Officers are there to advise the Lords of issues in Viadrina

• The Officers will help the Lords with events and tasks

• The Officers represent Viadrina and should act accordingly

• The Lords will help the Officers pursue their goals within the chapter whether it be, combat, A&S, persona development or encampment creation.


Meeting and Reporting:

• There will be a meeting once every Quarter

• The Lords, Treasurer, Marshall and Steward are expected to attend

• Populous are welcome to sit in and bring up concerns

• Minutes will be taken

• Topics will follow this order

• Past Events

• Money Report

• Upcoming Events

• Viadrina / Site Tasks

• Council of Lords

• Open Floor to Issues Populous are requested to ask to speak in this meetings



• Houses Requires 4 Active Members to be formed

• Household leaders will take the rank and responsibilities of Huskarls

• May have a charter that is approved by the Lords

• May have a device

• If the House wishes to fight against Viadrina in kingdom wide events, they are requested to talk with the Lords before hand

• If the fight is Political the house must give good reasons for the Lord to allow them.

• If the fight is Non-Political the Lord must give good reason to convince the household not to fight against Viadrina

• Fighters are requested to wear a token of Viadrina while fighting with the chapter during wars


Stepping down of a Lord:

• The Lord will call a meeting with the needed Officers for stepping down.

• The appointed second will confirm their willingness to lead Viadrina.

• The Lord will announce it publicly, but will remain in position until the next Event

• If the Lord needs to leave right away the Second can step in when ready.

• At the next Event the Official swearing of the New Lord will take place


Removal of a Lord:

• For the Lords to be removed the majority of the populace must meet and vote.

The reasons for the Lords to be removed must be valid, and involve the welfare of the chapter

If there is a high majority-unanimous (75-100%) vote to remove the Lords, the removal shall not be challenged

If the vote is less than a majority (45-60%) then the removal shall be challenged, the Lord would then choose the style of challenge, be it combat or period art (A&S, bardic, Cooking) The challenger and the Lord would then agree upon rules for the challenge.


Removal of a Member:

       • The Lords reserve the right to accept or deny any membership request to their realm at any given time under their ruling.

       • The Lords can remove any member that pursues harmful “intentions” to the chapter and its Lords and members.

  • The Lords can remove any member that pursues harmful intentions to the realm, it's Royalty and Citizens.

       • Any member that is removed from the realm will become “undesignated members”  inside the Kingdom.


The Transition:

• The New Lords will have a chance to choose a new Treasurer

• if only one Lord is Replaced then Lords will discuss whether to keep the current Treasurer

• There will be a transition period where the Old Lords and Treasurer help the New Lords and Treasurer get use to the administrative needs of the chapter

• The Treasurer closes the books, and balances all of the accounts before helping the New Treasurer start new books.

• If the Same Treasurer is used the book will still be closed so that an accurate account of chapter money will be kept for each Lord

• The Last thing for the Lords to do will be to sign over the Bank Account

• This will take place over a two month period



• Constitutional Amendments can be made by unanimous vote of the Officers during quarterly meetings



• "Vert, a tree blasted and eradicated Argent, a base engrailed Azure."

• A white tree on a green background over "water"



• Stipes non fortior radices. A branch is not stronger than it's roots



• We understand that members have real life responsibilities, and these should always take priority over reenactment.

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